Easy payments
With the Lova app you can do quick and easy payments.
It will improve your shopping experience while saving you time.
About the app
Lova gives you the ability to securely add your credit or debit cards to the app. Once your cards are added you can pay using the app at vending machines, stores and other locations that support Lova payments.
QR Code
Encrypted, unique QR codes are used to identify customers and link them to their purchases.
Data Privacy &
Terms of use
We are adhering to GDPR and our data privacy policy and terms of use can be read here.
Easy Download
Install the Lova app to your phone for free. Android and iOS platforms are supported. Click on the store above to go directly to the app download.
Lova features
Lova is an innovative new app for mobile payments at vending machines, stores and more.
Creative design
The design makes the app very easy to use. Perform purchases, view receipts, add multiple payment cards and switch conveniently between them.
Different locations
Number of places where you can pay using the Lova app increases daily.
User friendly
Lova is quick and intuitive in its use which is essential for those on-the-go.
Our PCI DSS certification ensures that your card information and payments are encrypted, highly secured and safe. Biometric or PIN code is required to make a purchase.
App screenshots
View some of the app contents below:
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